About Sustainability Terms

Terms of use in Sustainability Features: 

Circular Economy Product

  • The circular design concepts worked into these products include upcycling, recycling, zero-waste packaging and return


  • The products having a long duration of life or extend the product's lifecycle

Plastic Free

  • The product and its packaging that being sold to the end consumer without plastic content


  • The product can fully recycle after end use

Ocean Plastic

  • The product and its packaging made from ocean plastic content

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy is used in the production of the product, or the product is made from renewable energy

Circular Resale

  • The product can be repaired or repurposed that entirely circular resale again


  • The practice of abstaining with all products or diet derived wholly from animals

Zero Carbon

  • The product does not generate carbon dioxide during the production process, and can even offset the carbon dioxide produced

Circular Rental

  • After cleaning and processing, the product can be continuously rented to customers

Design For Repair

  • The design of product are simplify and modularize that easy partly  dismenatling and repair to eliminate of damage and/or restorate to an airworthy condition of a product, which can expand the product lifecycle and longevity

Low Carbon Production

  • The production process of product is generated using lower amounts of carbon emissions

Recycled Content

  • The products made from at least 30% recycled material content

Partially Recyclable

  • Part of the product can be recycled