When it comes to sustainability, it is a common practice for many fashion designers to implement the concept of sustainability by incorporating the remaining fabrics into the design.

British designer Christopher Raeburn, a leader in the concept of sustainability, whose designs are not only focused on the remaining fabrics, is collaborating with The North Face this time to collect a large number of abandoned The North Face old tents.

In the past ten years, Christopher Raeburn's own brand's core design concept has always adhered to the three principles of Remade, Reduced, and Recycled. Recently, he has cooperated with outdoor brand The North Face. Cifei injects the military materials he often uses as the key processing extension, and instead uses old tent materials for creation.

The original abandoned or second-hand The North Face tent, after dismantling, assembling and remodeling, can also achieve the birth of a new bag series, Raeburn and The North Face are making the impossible possible. This eco-friendly series brings us three bag styles, namely a hand bag, a backpack and a Tote Bag, all of which are mainly made of yellow, and each has "RÆBURN/RECYCLED", "RÆBURN/" printed on the nylon strap. REMADE" and "RÆBURN/REDUCED". However, a major feature of this design is that each bag is made from different parts of the old tent, so the details and color distribution of each bag are also unique and unique. As for the price of bags from 80 pounds (about 800 Hong Kong dollars) to 135 pounds (about 1400 Hong Kong dollars), it can be regarded as a civilian price that is close to the ground.

Speaking of Raeburn himself, since he established the brand of the same name in 2009, he has established the brand's design focus direction - environmental protection. Raeburn, who likes to use leftover fabrics and remanufactured clothing as the main feature of creation, once emphasized in the interview, "Remade fashion refers to functional design with a touch of archaeology." In addition, the designer has always been fond of vintage, military and other elements, so on his creative journey, he actively found groundbreaking vintage items and let them reproduce on the stage.

His eco-friendly design concept has not only won applause for his own brand, but also achieved career success. Last year, he was favored by the brand Timberland and served as the brand's global creative director. Many months ago, its eponymous brand RÆBURN launched the 2019 autumn and winter series in cooperation with Timberland, featuring black, orange, gray, olive green, and dark blue. The five colors not only piece together geometric aesthetics, but also use environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled PET materials, organic Cotton, etc., make Raeburn's efforts to promote environmental protection, and can be promoted to the public level.