Environmental and sustainability has become the goal of joint efforts of global companies in recent years. Nespresso is committed to thoroughly implementing the spirit of sustainability from the origin to the recycling of coffee capsules. In addition to promising that every cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral by 2022, it will now be The actual space is curated to lead the public to experience the perfect aluminum process of Nespresso.

Recently, Nespresso held the 2022 sustainable experience exhibition "Garden of the Future" in Taipei Songyan Cultural and Creative Park. Nespresso, which attaches great importance to sustainable development, has committed to achieve the goal of 100% carbon neutrality for every cup of coffee by 2022. In addition to continuously reducing carbon emissions and planting trees on farms and adjacent lands in coffee-producing areas, it also strives to invest in forest conservation and environmental protection. In the fields of revival and other fields, we hope to create a circular economy of coffee through the influence of the brand itself, and prove the power of change with actions.

The four themes of "Sowing", "Cultivation", "Harvest" and "Gift" open a new chapter of sustainable commitment

This Nespresso Sustainability Exhibition is based on the concept of "Garden Growth", and designed four themes of "Sowing", "Cultivation", "Harvest" and "Gift". In the "Sowing" exhibition area, Nespresso's many global actions are displayed , including the establishment of a recyclable agricultural system, cooperation with the Rainforest Alliance to protect the natural environment and support the well-being of farmers and communities, the "AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program", etc., it can be seen that the brand is sustainable from different aspects of planting, production, packaging, etc. value chain, and strive to improve the community environment.

In the "Cultivation" exhibition area, the bicycles, pen holders, coasters and other daily necessities that Nespresso has remade over the years by using aluminum from recycled coffee capsules are displayed. At the same time, they are also reproduced in the form of small greenhouses. The results of the industry-university program "Research on the Use of Coffee Grounds" for three years of cooperation.

In addition, in the "Harvest" exhibition area, Nespresso, together with the Sustainable Materials Library, the Metal Industry Research and Development Center, and the natural plant fiber brand ECONo8, jointly exhibited the beautiful results of resource recycling and recycling, such as coffee grounds. The eco-friendly technology material "coffee yarn" and the use of recycled aluminum to make lightweight aluminum furniture, etc., show the various possibilities of coffee capsule recycling.



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