The good things in life have always surrounded us, they quietly accompany us around, waiting for us to actively discover.

If you want to add feelings to your life, you can start with the furniture in your home. Adding natural colors to the home, such as plant trays, wooden furniture, etc., can enhance the comfortable atmosphere.

People who pay attention to protecting the earth will consider the source of the wood and whether the production process causes pollution to the environment when purchasing wooden furniture.

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All wood used by IKEA are from more sustainable sources with FSC, making sure we have forests for all forever. Making more from less is part of the IKEA culture. Every piece of wood is cut and shaped so that unnecessary waste is minimised in production.

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In addition to paying attention to the choice of wood, IKEA also 100% committed to sustainable cotton.  Ikea is uncomfortable with the fact that growing cotton in the conventional way is often harmful to the environment and the people involved. They have made a commitment to only use cotton grown in a responsible way in their products, for the benefit of their customers and the planet.

At present, countries around the world are striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 or before. IKEA is also determined to inspire and assist more than 1 billion people to make good use of the limited resources of the earth and create a better life by 2030.

Every decision we make affects the earth and the people around us. As long as we aim to "build a sustainable environment and happy life", we can make choices that make the earth and the environment a better place.

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