Build a wardrobe that brings you happiness

Build a wardrobe that brings you happiness

A refreshing and bright mood in the morning will naturally bring good luck throughout the day.

Would you like to have such a good start every day?

A refreshing and bright mood in the morning will naturally bring good luck throughout the day.

Would you like to have such a good start every day?


Have a cup of warm water to wake up your stomach, do 15-minute stretching exercise to promote blood circulation, then get change and ready to go to work.


Wait a second! What do you think if you open your closet and see a huge pale of clothes, but nothing to wear? Unwashed coffee stains remain on the pure white silk shirt, and the wool coat is shrunken. Do you feel good when you see this scene?


Let's go back 5 minutes and do it again.


When you open your closet in the sunlight and see all your favorite clothes, it is desirable to pick anyone. In no time you'll be wearing sleek, well-fitting clothes and heading out for a great day.

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"A relaxed mood brings us the greatest sense of happiness."


If you want your wardrobe to bring you happiness, we must first inject a beautiful connotation into it. As long as we store and clean our clothes in the right way, we can greatly extend the life of our clothes. Not only saves the cost of buying new clothes, but also reduces waste, contributing to the sustainable development of personal finances and protecting the earth.


1) Take care of your precious clothes

Most delicate clothes need to be hand washed or dry cleaned, so pay attention to the label before buying and washing.


2) White clothes don't necessarily need to be bleached

Whenever I wear white clothes, I always encounter foods with colored sauces such as curry and soy sauce. (Does it happen to you too?) It is difficult to clean the stains after they have settled. We should clean them with clean water as soon as possible after they are stained to reduce the chance of using bleach. Bleach not only takes a toll on the environment, but it also shortens the life of your clothes.

You can try our unique cleaning technique. First put a clean dry paper towel under the stain, that is, on the inside of the clothes, and then use another piece of wet paper towel dipped in water to lightly print on the stain (dip it, not wipe it), the stain will be washed away by water, then absorbed by the clean paper towel underneath.


3) Sunshine replaces drying

The dryer consumes a lot of electricity, and its heat will also shrink the fabric of the clothes, and will damage the fibers of the clothes, making the clothes prone to pilling.

The above tips can protect our clothes and the earth, and save the cost of buying clothes, killing three birds with one stone. Every time you do laundry, it's an opportunity to make the planet a better place. Let us work together to create a wardrobe that brings happiness to you and welcome each day with the best mood.

Last update: 2022/10/26