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LUSH - Bring It Back

LUSH - Bring It Back

This simple recycling scheme entitles Lush customers in Hong Kong and Macau to exchange any individual Qualifying Lush Packaging item for HKD/MOP 5 towards their in-store purchase at the same time.


Full sized Qualifying Lush Packaging items:

  • PET clear plastic bottles (with lids)
  • PP black bottles (with caps)
  • PP pots clear & black (with lids)
  • PP Makeup packaging 
  • HDPE bottles (with trigger/spray tops) 
  • Toothy Tab / Mouthwash Containers
  • Lush Party Kit packaging (all packaging items from each kit are treated as one item of Qualifying Packaging)


NOT Qualifying Packaging:

  • Any non-Lush packaging of any material
  • Paper boxes
  • Lipstick and mascara containers

Customers can bring their cleaned and eligible Lush product packaging to any Lush store for recycling. It will receive a HK$5 recycling bonus for each eligible product package purchased at regular price.