Protect the Earth with Small Acts: Beauty Product Containers Can Also Be Recycled!

Protect the Earth with Small Acts: Beauty Product Containers Can Also Be Recycled!

Together, let's breathe in the fresh air and make the Earth and ourselves more beautiful.

The beauty industry is a business that helps people become more beautiful. In recent years, many beauty brands aim not only to make people look beautiful but also to make the Earth more beautiful.

The packaging of beauty products is often made of materials such as plastic, glass, metal, and paper. When consumers finish using the products, they usually clean the packaging and put it in the recycling bin. However, many of these containers are made up of multiple materials, making recycling difficult. As a result, many containers inevitably end up in landfills.

To solve this problem, brands have switched to packaging that is easy to recycle and have introduced refill packages with minimal packaging. They strive to protect the Earth and make people and the environment more beautiful. Many brands collaborate with recycling companies to launch packaging recycling programs. Consumers can return the clean bottles and jars to retailers, who will then send them to the recycling companies for processing.

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Aesop's recycling program is very simple. We only need to clean the Aesop containers, without even removing the labels, and then take them to any Aesop concept store or department store counter in Hong Kong. Aesop will wash the aluminum tube packaging after recycling. Currently, Aesop accepts two types of plastic packaging materials: PET with the recycling code of 1 or PP with the recycling code of 5, following the international resource recycling system. Before recycling, please check the labels on the containers.

Friends who have visited Aesop stores may remember the irregular small particles on the concrete display cabinets. They are actually made from 100% recycled glass bottles, fully demonstrating the brand's minimalist and sustainable spirit. 

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Kiehl's offers a bottle recycling service for members of their rewards program. Members can earn points for their empty Kiehl's containers by bringing them to Kiehl's stores or counters and redeeming them for gifts. Additionally, Kiehl's encourages members to bring their own shopping bags, which can also earn them points.

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L'Oréal Hong-Kong
L'Oreal Hong Kong has partnered with Watsons to launch the "Beauty for a Better World" recycling program. We can bring our cleaned and empty beauty product containers to around 170 Watsons stores across Hong Kong, or to over 100 L'Oreal Hong Kong brand stores and counters participating in the bottle recycling program.

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In addition to the brands mentioned above, many beauty brands in the market have launched their own bottle recycling programs, such as Innisfree, L'Occitane, M.A.C., Melvita, The Body Shop, and more. Let's discover together the brands that support environmental protection and make the Earth and ourselves more beautiful.

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Last update: 2023/07/01
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