The Evolution of Cosmetic Eco-Refill Packaging

The Evolution of Cosmetic Eco-Refill Packaging

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"I'm sorry, I was so focused on shopping that I forgot about our coffee date and lost track of time," Kelly rushed over, exasperated.

"You not only forgot about the time, but you also forgot about our coffee date," I rolled my eyes.

"I bought some new beauty products for the new season, like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. But I didn't forget about you. I already bought a set for you," Kelly pulled out the gift she had prepared. "I remember you mentioned that using eco-refills has less impact on the environment, so I specifically bought this one."

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Many beauty brands are increasingly focusing on environmental protection by incorporating sustainable development elements into their production methods, material suppliers, and logistics. Due to consumers' emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability, major brands are launching eco-refills to reduce packaging waste and pollution on the Earth. Using these refills not only reduces the generation of waste, but also meets consumers' demands for green consumption. In addition, refill products are usually priced lower, making them more attractive to consumers who seek value.

After choosing to use these eco-refill products, consumers will be happified by successfully reducing plastic waste.

As we all know, a significant amount of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, which impacts the natural ecosystem. If we don't change our plastic usage patterns, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The impact of ocean pollution on the ecosystem can last a long time, and using refillable products can reduce the pollution caused by disposable packaging, thereby minimizing damage to the ecosystem. beings have gradually destroyed the food chain and ecosystem of the marine environment. Take whales, as an example of mammals in the ocean, due to the disruption of the food chain, they face a shortage of food. Ocean pollution leads to the accumulation of toxic substances in whales, affecting their immune systems and reproductive abilities, and seriously harming the health of whales.

Together, we can make the world more beautiful.

"I know that other brands have also launched different eco-refill products. Let's go take a look together," Kelly is full of energy when it comes to shopping and bargain hunting.

Dior has reintroduced a lipstick with a formula that is 90% natural ingredients, along with a refillable lipstick case, allowing you to match the lipstick case according to your mood.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty
Giorgio Armani Beauty has launched its sustainable fragrance line, My Way. This fragrance features a refillable bottle design with a 150ml refill that can be directly replenished by attaching it to the perfume bottle. Additionally, the entire fragrance, including the nozzle, refillable glass, spray bottle, bottle cap, and bottle body can be recycled and reused, achieving true sustainable beauty.

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Hermès' Maison beauty collection includes the Rouge Hermès line, which now offers eco-refills for all shades except for the limited edition ones, allowing consumers to choose a sustainable option.

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La Bouche Rouge 
La Bouche Rouge has launched refillable lipstick cases. To avoid using silicone molds, they use metal molds and produce them using traditional French craftsmanship. Even the lipstick core is made from recyclable materials.

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Shiseido has launched the AquaGel Lip Palette, a set of 5 water-based lip glosses made with 100% plant-derived polymers. They are manufactured using the world's first biodegradable polymer, PHBH™, which can biodegrade in seawater.

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Last update: 2023/07/01
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