Embrace Sustainable Beauty: Love the Earth and Enhance Your Beauty

Embrace Sustainable Beauty: Love the Earth and Enhance Your Beauty

"When did you start using this brand of makeup products?" Kelly asked.

"I heard that their products have good quality, natural ingredients, and their production process is environmentally friendly. Moreover, they have a comprehensive recycling program where I can return the used packaging to the store, and they will pass it on to the appropriate recycling company for recycling and reuse, greatly reducing the burden on the environment," I replied.

"Isn't it enough to just put the clean packaging in the recycling bin?" Kelly asked, puzzled.

"That's just the basic way of handling it. To do better, we need to pay attention to the materials of the packaging," I explained to Kelly.

Having a neat appearance is a daily goal pursued by both men and women. If we want to look good inside and out, we must pay attention to the environment. As long as we make the Earth more beautiful, it will create a comfortable living environment for us in return. Scroll down to continue...

Some materials are easier to recycle and reuse, such as clear glass bottles and high-hardness plastic containers. If there is a paper label on the container, we can tear it off and put it in the paper recycling bin. 

Aluminum cans, such as moisturizing sprays and styling sprays, can be placed in the metal recycling bin as long as we use up the spray before recycling.

As for paper face masks and makeup cotton pads, they are difficult to sort and clean, and are not suitable for recycling. Additionally, many makeup product packages are made up of different materials, making recycling and reuse challenging. The packaging must be disassembled and sorted before being placed in the appropriate recycling bin. For example, the packaging of tube toothpaste, eyeshadows, mascaras, and lipsticks are made up of different materials.

COLOOP firmly believes that supporting environmental protection does not mean compromising our quality of life. Both can coexist harmoniously.

When making purchases, we can choose refill packages with minimal packaging. At the same time, we should pay attention to the materials used in packaging and choose materials that are recyclable and reusable. When taking care of our skin, we can reduce the use of paper face masks and opt for washable masks instead. We can also consider using reusable makeup cotton pads instead of disposable ones. There are many options available on online platforms such as iHerb (www.iherb.com).

"After every online purchase, there are usually transparent plastic shock-absorbing materials left. Can these be recycled?" Kelly's mind was quick.

The cardboard boxes and plastic shock-absorbing materials from online purchases can be put in the recycling bin. Envelopes with built-in plastic shock-absorbing materials are a mix of paper and plastic, so we need to separate the paper and plastic before recycling.

"It's not difficult to separate those materials, but the hardest to separate are the packaging of eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and so on, as you mentioned earlier. It's really troublesome," Kelly expressed the feelings of most people (including me).

"That's why I switched to this makeup brand. They mostly use sustainable materials for their packaging. Moreover, their recycling program is comprehensive, I just need to give them my used makeup products, and I can buy new ones while doing my part for the environment," I shared my research findings after studying multiple makeup brands. "In recent years, more and more makeup brands have emphasized sustainability, giving environmentally conscious beauty enthusiasts more choices."

"Will you accompany me to do some market research and find a makeup brand that suits me and supports environmental protection?" Kelly pulled me along for some shopping.

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Last update: 2022/07/01
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