Discarding Unnecessary Cosmetic Products Through the Practice of Minimalism

Discarding Unnecessary Cosmetic Products Through the Practice of Minimalism

Whenever the seasons change, it's time for Kelly to tidy up her home. Despite being a fan of shopping, Kelly has been actively practicing minimalism in recent years, gradually giving away or donating the clutter in her home to those in need and claiming to have reduced her shopping habits. One weekend, I went to Kelly's house to help her tidy up.

"You said you were practicing minimalism, right? What are these three bags on the floor?" I pointed to three beautifully decorated paper bags.

"These are the latest makeup, face cream, and eye cream for this season, and the other bag contains the newest anti-hair loss hair care products," Kelly excitedly showed me her spoils.

Seeing me roll my eyes, Kelly quickly added, "I've already used up all my old skincare products and the ones that don't suit me anymore have been repurposed using the method you shared with me. Now I only buy new items after I've used up the old ones."

"That's great. Give me the empty bottles and jars, and I'll put them in the recycling bin for you," I said with a smile.

"There's still a small amount of leftover face cream in the jar. Let me rinse it out before I give it to you," Kelly said as she picked up the jar and headed to the sink.

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Skincare and makeup products contain chemicals and oils. If you pour them down the toilet or sink, it can cause clogs and pollute the sewage system and even the marine ecosystem.

Before recycling skincare and makeup product containers, we should use paper or absorbent cloth to wipe away any remaining residue on them, and then place the containers in the recycling bin. The paper or cloth with residue should be thrown in the trash. Lipsticks, lip glosses, and nail polishes should be cleaned thoroughly before recycling the packaging.

Many makeup products, such as eyeshadows, are packaged in a metal pan that is glued to a plastic outer container. We can use a spatula to gently pry the metal pan from the outer container and recycle them separately.

"I understand now. If I really want to protect the environment, I need to do more than just recycling my trash. I need to be mindful and do it properly. Only by doing things right can we truly make the world a better place," Kelly said as she cut up an old shirt into small cloth pieces.

"Reducing waste at the source is equally important. If we consume less, we can produce less waste," I said as I found two more bags of Kelly's hidden treasures.

More tips:
In addition to makeup products, medicines should not be poured down the toilet or sink. Medicines may contain antibiotics, and when they enter the sewage treatment plant with the wastewater, the treatment process may not completely remove all the antibiotics, resulting in them entering the ocean and causing antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to appear in the marine ecosystem.

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Last update: 2023/07/01
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