Recycling for Dummies - How to recycle baby clothes , toys and gear?

Recycling for Dummies - How to recycle baby clothes , toys and gear?

Babies grow up fast, and some supplies may become out of place within a few months or brand new at all. If you have unused baby items at home, here are a few ways to recycle them:

  1. Store them: If you are planning to have a second child or want to keep the items for future use, you can store them in a dry and well-ventilated place to ensure they do not get damaged.

  2. Share them with friends and family: If you have friends or family members who are expecting a baby, you can share the items with them to help them save money on buying new items.

  3. Resell or donate them: You can resell or donate the items to someone in need or sell them on second-hand marketplaces.

  4. Recycle: If the items cannot be used anymore, do not simply throw them away. You can recycle items that are recyclable, such as plastic, paper, and glass. Scroll down to continue...

🔎 Second-hand baby gears donation tips 📢 Keep the best state and pass on "love"

Check the condition of baby products and carefully clean and disinfect them before donating or receiving to ensure that baby products are not damaged or worn out too much during use, and do not donate if there is any damage or safety and hygiene problems (including used pacifiers, feeding bottles, milk powder, etc.), so as not to cause potential harm to the recipient. 📝 Receiving  and cleaning guidelines (Chinese Only)


🔎Baby Gears Donation 📢 Helping Others

📌GoodCity.HK |  International Crossroads
- Good People Good Market is operated by Crossroads International and delivers to people in need by receiving donations from well-wishers and organisations. Please visit Crossroads International Donate Goods 🌐 to see the accepted items (including: new baby clothes, baby toys, fluff toys; Baby cots and bedding in good condition, high chairs for babies, baby products.

📌 GOODS-CO | St. James Settlement
- A one-stop item matching platform where users can receive or share useful resources to show their spirit!

📌 PathFinders
- We collect essential newborn and maternity supplies for babies and mothers in need. Please visit PathFinders Donate Supplies 🌐 to see the accepted items (including: new baby clothes, baby carriers, blankets, fluffy toys, rattles).

📌 Green Baby | Caritas Hong Kong
- "Green Baby" is a green social enterprise owned by Caritas that sells second-hand children's products to support unmarried and single mothers. Please see the Green Baby Page 🌐 to see the accepted items (including: more than 80% of baby toys, clothes and books).
📞 3426 4584

📌Happy Baton
- Happy Baton is the first online toy library in Hong Kong, offering monthly toy services. Accept toys that are complete, in good condition, and that you are happy to receive from Happy Baton .

📌 The Salvation Army Recycle Meter | The Salvation Army
- The Salvation Army launched a recycling programme in the 1960s to systematically dispose of clothing and supplies donated by the public. Please visit the Goods Donation page 🌐 to see the accepted items (including: new fur dolls, complete toys; New or clean complete second-hand clothes, shoes).
📞 2332 4433

📌Baby Oasis
- We are a non-profit organization that aims to redistribute unused baby products to those who need them most in Hong Kong. Please visit the donation page 🌐 to see the accepted items (including: diapers due after at least one year), infant formula (due after at least one year), strollers, children's books, children's toys, children's masks and baby clothes and shoes )。
📞 9502 3118


🔎 Online second-hand baby gears platform  📢 Second-hand sale or giveaway

📌Facebook estate page
- If you want to facilitate settlement arrangements, you can post on your own estate page to find potential second-hand buyers or acceptors in the vicinity.

📌Facebook Used Baby Gears Exchange Group
-  There are many second hand baby gears exchange groups on the Facebook platform, and you can to post on several group pages to increase the chances of selling or giving away.
🌐 香港二手大型BB用品-免費/交換/買賣平台(限po嬰兒車.餐椅.網床.門欄,圍欄)
🌐 BB/兒童用品(HK)二手交易站
🌐 BB及幼兒全新/二手用品mama交易買賣谷(香港)
🌐 來吧BB幼兒用品 - 全新 二手 免費 交換 優惠 買賣 送出 交易 幼兒 用品 媽媽 BB Baby free (香港)

-  Retykle is a new and second-hand children's clothing trading platform. By buying and selling quality baby, child and maternity clothing, promoting eco-friendly fashion can reduce people's worries about the cost of adding clothes.

-  Carousell offers mobile phones and computer versions of C2C and B2C platforms to sell first-hand and second-hand products.

📌DC Fever
- DC Fever is an electronic product-themed trading platform (For Dad)

- is an online exchange platform that encourages the sharing of useful old items and the exchange of useful objects from others.

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