Furniture take-back removal service

Furniture take-back removal service

Many furniture chains also offer a door-to-door disposal service for new products purchased at their shops, and a surcharge will be applied to dispose of your old furniture upon delivery. It is important to note that you need to communicate with the shop staff in advance to dispose of your furniture, and that the furniture is disposed of rather than recycled.Scroll down to continue...

Furniture Disposal Steps:

Method 1: When purchasing new furniture from a furniture chain, you can arrange for the disposal of the furniture with the shop staff and schedule a delivery and collection time.


Method 2: Entrust the removal company to handle the furniture in your home, and provide the removal company with basic information such as the size, quantity, collection location and collection date of the furniture to obtain a quotation and facilitate the removal company to make arrangements.


1. BoConcept


  • Disposal fee from $500
  • Remote Area Surcharge

Recycle Furniture Category: sofa / wardrobe / small furniture


2. Décor Collection


  • Disposal fee from $500
  • Remote Area Surcharge
  • Collection of furniture: sofa / wardrobe / small furniture

Recycle Furniture Category: sofa / wardrobe / small furniture


3. Francfranc


  • Disposal of old furniture $350 per piece
  • Step up/down fee $80 per piece/level
  • Installation fee $300

Recycle Furniture Category: large furniture (sofas/TV stands/TV cabinets/storage cabinets), small furniture (chairs/seats/hammocks/footstools/floor mirrors) and carpets 




  • Non-storage upholstered chair: $200-$500
  • Spring-hinged sofas / sofa beds / storage sofas (incl. storage consort): $300-$750
  • Upstairs fee / Downstairs fee is extra

Recycled Furniture Category: Old Sofa




  • 200 for the first piece, $100 for the second piece onwards

Recycle Furniture Category: Not applicable to the disposal of marble furniture, home decorations, electrical appliances, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, building supplies, etc.


6. Indigo Living


  • Dining chair: $50
  • Sofa - 1 seater, side table, coffee table, bedside table, carpet: $100
  • Sofa - 2 seater, recliner, mattress, dining table, sideboard, cupboard, TV, bookcase (up to 183cm), desk, footstool, bench: $200
  • Sofa - 2.5 seater, 3 seater, bed frame: $300
  • Sofa - 4 seater, L-shaped: $400
  • Dismantling Fee: $300

Recycle Furniture Category: dining chairs, sofas, side tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, carpets, recliners, mattresses, dining tables, sideboards, cupboards, televisions, bookcases (under 183cm), desks, footstools, benches:, bed frames


7. Ulferts


  • Combing: $100-$500/ Zhang
  • Lounge Chair: $300 / piece
  • Desk / Dressing Table / Floor Cabinet / Combination Cabinet: $400-$700 per unit
  • Round wooden table top / Square wooden table top / Round marble / Glass table top: $300-$800 per table
  • Square marble/glass table top: $500-$900 / sheet
  • Dining chairs: $50 / Zhang
  • Bed: $400-$1000 / Set
  • Mattress: $200 - $600 / sheet

Recycle Furniture Category: sofas, lounge chairs, desks, dressing tables, floor cabinets, combination cabinets, round wooden countertops, square wooden countertops, round marble/glass countertops, square marble/glass countertops, dining chairs, beds, mattresses




  • Free disposal of old massage chairs (except staircase fee), if you need to dismantle the old massage chairs, you have to pay HK$350 for dismantling the chairs
  • Total Steps (non-residential/industrial/commercial)
    • Grades 10-19: $20-$50
    • Grades 20-29: $40-$100
    • 20-$50 increments per 10 levels
  • Number of storeys (residential/industrial/commercial)
    • Level 1: $20-$50
    • Level 2: $40-$100
    • 3 levels: $60-$150
    • Increments of $20-$50 per tier

Recycle Furniture Category: Massage Chair




  • Provide one-time free massage chair disposal service
  • Other depreciation services are also available for an additional fee
  • Additional charges apply for long distances, remote areas and stairs

Recycle Furniture Category: Massage Chair


10. OTO


  • Additional charges apply (for remote areas, stairs and stairs)

Recycle Furniture Category: Massage Chair

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