THINK before furniture disposal

THINK before furniture disposal

Autumn is here now. It’s time to clear out the closet and change the seasons.

Kelly took out the clothes that had not been worn in the past year, carefully cleaned and folded them, and put them into a large plastic bag that was ready to be taken to the recycling bin.

Even if it's an item you plan to donate, organize it and say goodbye with gratitude for the color it has brought into your life.

Every year when the seasons change, it's time for everyone to tidy up their homes. Beside clothing, there are other bulk items that can be donated or recycled, such as furniture and household items.

How can we decide whether an item can be donated, recycled or thrown away?

We can go through an inspection process.

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We can go through an inspection process.

Household items that are newer, less worn, and structurally safe are mostly considered for donation, sale, or recycling. We should keep in mind that the living environment in Hong Kong is relatively narrow, and the chances of successfully donating large-scale furniture are very small.

The function is not hindered, and any household items that can be used normally can be considered for donation, sale or recycling. However, if the newly purchased furniture was assembled on site, it may be damaged during the disassembly process, resulting in failure to reassemble and reuse. Compared with furniture that can be transported as a whole, the opportunity to be reused is relatively large.

Not accepted:
General built-in, custom-made cabinets, custom designs, non-standard sizes, old, damaged, heavily stained or faded furniture will not be recycled. Also, worn and damaged household items are not suitable for donation; we don't give broken items to friends, and by the same token, we don't donate broken items.

It is generally believed that furniture donation, transfer or sale requires a lot of patience and time to match and coordinate shipping. As long as we know more about the types and requirements of furniture recycling companies, the chances of successful recycling can be greatly improved.

Remember, different recycling companies in the market have its own standards. Some companies specialize in office recycling, while others specialize in home furniture recycling.

When you decide to recycle the item, you can contact the relevant recycling company for the collection. Before contacting, it's crucial to prepare some basic information:

1) Photos of furniture or household items to show the style, model and size;
2) Quantity;
3) Whether there are parking lot and staircases in the recycling area (if there are staircases, it is better to provide the number of steps);

The above information is very important, because when the recycling company comes to the door and only finds that the actual quality or quantity of the furniture is different from the description earlier, or the location information is different, the recycling company may charge additional fees for this. Some recycling companies will refuse to recycle, and then charge for transportation and labor costs. Therefore, prior communication is very important.

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In order to find a suitable method of furniture recycling, COLOOP's [ Recycling Locator+ ] has integrated and updated some Hong Kong furniture recycling data for your reference. (Learn more)



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