The romance of IKEA Hack

The romance of IKEA Hack

Last weekend, we had dinner at Kelly's house.

"You've added a island to your kitchen, this is nice!" said Miranda.

"This is a modified IKEA shelf that I have used for ten years." Kelly said happily.

I am very impressed with this KALLAX shelf, which was originally a small bookshelf in my house and was later transferred to Kelly. I heard from Kelly earlier that she wanted to replace this old shelf, but today it has been transformed into a high-end kitchen island with wine glasses and a coffee machine.

Kelly has recently become obsessed with "furniture renovation". She found that there are many websites about IKEA Hack on the market, sharing how to use simple methods to transform IKEA furniture into furniture with personal style, which greatly saves the cost of custom furniture.

"Not only to save money, but it also gives my husband and I more activities on weekends. No matter how good the relationship between a couple, we need to work hard to maintain it and keep creating topics and freshness. After everyone works together to accomplish one thing It feels so good." we can see Kelly’s eyes are shinning.

"These romances don't belong to single women like me." Miranda said.

"Some modifications are easy and can be done by one person. By decorating the home beautifully, you can enjoy your me-time more." what Kelly said has aroused Miranda's interest.

When we believe that we are worthy of better people and things, and work hard for it, we can have a high-quality heart and life.

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COLOOP believes that while having a eco life, it can improve people's quality of life. Let environmental protection become a part of enhancing interpersonal relationships, and combine sustainable development and happiness to become "Happify Sustainability". (Environmental protection can be very romantic.)

Immerse yourself in the world of IKEA Hack now~

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