Recycling for Dummies - How to recycle household electrical and electronic equipment?

Recycling for Dummies - How to recycle household electrical and electronic equipment?

In the past, Hong Kong citizens would sell or dispose of large household appliances through a “Buyer” who was “always nearby” in residential areas. However, since the implementation of the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the price drop of second-hand appliances, the “Buyers” seldom offer free or purchase large appliances. Instead, the government’s operator offers a free door-to-door recycling service for “Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE)”.

Nowadays, online second-hand platforms are popular channels that can reach more people to increase the chances of selling or giving away for free. Of course, if the appliance is in good condition and new, donating it to a charity to help others is also a very good choice.

Finally, recycling companies or moving companies also offer door-to-door recycling services for a fee to meet individual customer needs for different types of appliances or difficult transportation.

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🔎"Regulated Electrical Equipment" Programme📢 Call to arrange

The government has fully implemented the "Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE)" programme since 2018, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, computers, printers, scanners, and monitors, providing statutory free removal services to provide convenient recycling channels , Properly collect old electrical appliances to be disposed of. At present, citizens who purchase "REE" can enjoy the statutory free removal service provided by the seller, and remove an old electrical appliance of the same type at home.

In addition to the "REE" program, the government has also introduced a new free collection service. If members of the public have not purchased new "REE", they can also make an appointment for the free collection service of the government operator through the recycling hotline 2676 8888 📞or  Whatsapp💬. This service can not only achieve environmentally friendly recycling, but also eliminate the need for citizens to dispose of old "REE" by themselves or at their own expense. In addition, the public can also send the "REE" to the five regional recycling centers 🌐by themselves.

Note (1): Only regulated electrical appliances will be accepted and processed under the WEEE PRS. Members of the public can hand over unregulated household electrical appliances, including household refrigerators with a rated total volume of more than 500 liters, to the GREEN@COMMUNITY "Recycling Station"🌐  for proper disposal.

Note (2): The following electrical appliances are also not classified as regulated electrical appliances, including washing machines with a laundry capacity of more than 10 kg, refrigerators with a total capacity of more than 500 liters, air conditioners with a cooling capacity of more than 3 hp, and TV screens with a screen size of 100 inches Above, display screen size below 5.5 inches and above 100 inches, printers or scanners weighing more than 30 kg, clothes dryers, wine cabinets, computer server commercial refrigerators and freezers need to arrange other recyclers for processing.



In order to strengthen support for waste reduction and recycling at the district level, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has established a community recycling network "GREEN@COMMMUNITY", which includes "Recycling Stations", "Recycling Stores" and "Recycling Spots". The public can send their recyclables to the GREEN@COMMUNITY recycling network🌐 for proper recycling.

GREEN@COMMUNITY will receive REE, and then arrange to transport them to suitable downstream recyclers for subsequent processing. At the same time, citizens can also use the "GREEN$" smart point card to earn electronic points and redeem gifts, such as daily necessities, rice and oil, as well as environmentally friendly products.

Note (1): If it is a bulk-size household REE, you may consider sending it to a larger "Recycling Stations"


🔎Charity Donation 📢 Helping others

📌 GOODS-CO | St. James' Settlement
- As a one-stop item matching platform, users can receive or share useful resources, showing the spirit of "giving" items for their use!

📌 Household Appliances and Furniture Mutual Aid Scheme 2023 | Seeds of Art Charity Foundation
- This project mainly helps grassroots families in Hong Kong (helping the elderly, disadvantaged groups, supporting environmental protection) to solve household appliances and furniture problems.

📌Caritas Computer Workshop | Hong Kong Caritas
- We inspect and refurbish usable electronic products from recycling, and then donate them to those in need for free or at a cost-recovery price
📞 2716 6875

📌GoodCity.HK | International Crossroads
- GoodCity.HK is operated by International Crossroads. Since 1995, we have received materials donated by more than a thousand well-wishers and organizations and passed them on to those in need. Please visit the International Crossroads website.

📌Lok Sin Tong Kowloon
- If the donated items are household appliances, furniture, electronics, computer equipment, etc., for safety reasons, the church will only accept items that are complete, in good condition, and do not require installation or maintenance.


🔎Online second-hand electrical appliances trading platform 📢Sell second-hand or give away to others

📌Facebook estate page
- If you want to facilitate the handover arrangement, you can post an article on your own housing estate page to find potential second-hand buyers or accepting objects in the vicinity.

📌Facebook Marketplace / Second-hand buy/sell  group
- There are many second-hand electrical appliance trading groups on Facebook. You can post articles on several group pages to increase the chances of selling or giving away.
🌐 Kong Used Electrical Appliances

- Carousell provides mobile and computer versions of C2C and B2C platforms for people to sell first-hand and second-hand products.

📌DC Fever
- DC Fever second-hand trading market is a trading platform with the theme of electronic products

- 28Hse's furniture platform is a buying and selling platform with the theme of moving


🔎Recycling, clearance or moving company 📢Other options

- Provide commercial computer, electrical appliance recycling and related data destruction services

📌Good furniture
- Any furniture and sundries can be cleaned up for you

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