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LUSH - Mooncake Tin Recycling 2021

LUSH - Mooncake Tin Recycling 2021

Mooncake Tin Recycling 2021

3 Mooncake Tins for 1 Bath Product


Mooncake Tins

All participants will have to enroll via our online system during the registration period (14 - 16 Sep), successful participants will receive a confirmation email. Within the redemption period (23 - 26 Sep), please bring along the e-copy of your confirmation email and 3 cleaned metal mooncake tins to your chosen store in exchange for a LUSH bath product.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Redemption of a specific bath product at specific shops only. Available while stocks last.
  • Once confirmed, the chosen redemption date and store cannot be changed.
  • Each customer is entitled to one redemption only, redemption on behalf of someone will not be accepted.
  • Only metal mooncake tins will be accepted, regardless of the size of the tin. Other mooncake packagings like paper boxes, plastic boxes, etc. are not acceptable in this event.

Registration: 14/9/2021 - 16/9/2021

Redemption: 23/9/2021 - 26/9/2021